Audited FS Certification

Audited FS Certification is a process designed to ensure the accuracy and validity of financial statements. It involves a comprehensive review by an independent auditor, who checks for accuracy, completeness, and compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Through this process, the auditor will issue an opinion on the financial statements based on their findings. The opinion can be either unqualified (which states that all information is correct) or qualified (which identifies any discrepancies).

An audited FS Certification ensures that businesses are providing reliable financial information to their stakeholders. This is especially important for companies looking to obtain financing from investors or banks as it helps them evaluate the company’s overall financial position and make informed decisions about investing in it.

With our audited FS Certification process, you will have the assurance that your financial statements comply with all applicable laws and regulations, enabling investors to have confidence in your business’s overall performance.

Standard Price

3 Million and Below

Php 10,000

Above 3 million

Php 25,000
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